Deptford Pride identity

LGBT+ communities are continually growing and showing their own identities through the creation of new Pride flags to complement the Rainbow Flag designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978. We developed a brand that reflected the need to see beyond the rainbow to represent all communities involved.
Knowing that artwork would be seen online predominantly, we created a digital first approach focused on social media content. A bright RGB colour palette—inspired by, but not copying, Gilbert Baker’s rainbow flag—complemented the paint swishes. The paint swishes were used alongside photography from the previous year’s event to build social media presence quickly and with confidence.
Bespoke brushstroke lettering which had been developed for sister organisations the Deptford Society and Deptford High Street was adapted for the Deptford Pride logotype.
Type was set in uppercase Gilbert, a new font created by FontSelf to remember Gilbert Baker who died in 2017. We added a bold RGB blue to the colour palette in place of black.
A strict grid system underpinned the typographic posters, with three titling sizes for consistency and to bring order to the flurry of colour and movement.
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