Dr. Seuss's The Lorax

Manuel Harlan
Concept and post-production retouching of photography of the Lorax puppet for post-opening advertising campaign artwork to accompany the production.
Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s classic tale, The Lorax was a new musical which ran over the competitive Christmas period in Matthew Warchus’ first season as artistic director of The Old Vic.
In conversations with the in-house teams regarding the post-opening artwork, we proposed photographing the Lorax puppet in a range of poses which could then be shortlisted for possible future use. This would allow the production to stand apart from the Dr. Seuss illustrations and give people more of an idea about the show.
We retouched our chosen images to remove the puppeteers so the focus was on the Lorax; allowing him to fill the space against a simple background, matching the colourway of the typographic posters which preceded it.
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