Cybil's House visual identity

Cybil War
London’s 7-foot drag queen Cybil War created a cabaret and dance party for when nowhere feels like home.
The visual identity is inspired by Retrofuturism—of a version of the future as seen from the past—and specifically the realisation that many of the sci-fi classics from the 1980s are set in a future that’s already behind us (think Back to the Future, Mad Max, Terminator), the club is a sanctuary where the mutants who’ve never fitted in can come together in one last party before the end of the world. 
Each night is themed to help inform people’s costumes and performances, which created the challenge of how to unify artwork across multiple events.
As sci-fi movies of the past had already influenced the night, the concept was further by creating vintage-looking VHS sleeves for each night, designed in the style of the genre, from horror film to workout video. And so an otherwise disparate set of events becomes cohesive, as well as tapping into popular nostalgia of the more analogue era of the 1980s which resonates with attendees.
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